Welcome to Show Girl Glam - Introductory Blog

I am the mind, the creator and the mad woman behind this crazy dream that I’ve been dreaming for years.  I have been a trainer, a lesson giver, a ribbon girl, a volunteer, a polo player, a trail ride buddy, a hunter jumper, an equitation rider, an attempted reiner and cutter, and a saddleseat rider.  I’ve been a makeup applicator, a bun-doer, a shoulder to cry on and the other glass toasting to a great ride.

My heart and soul is my amazing half-Arabian, half-Saddlebred partner in crime, FSF Air Dancer+, my dogs Arnie and Bullet, my amazing boyfriend (the handyman behind my infamous pallet mirror), my horse show mom and open wallet dad.

Show Girl Glam is more than sparkly accessories, we also travel to horse shows all over the continental US, creating perfect buns and applying perfectly toned lip gloss.  If you have a show where you would like to see Show Girl Glam, my email door is always open - info@showgirlglam.com.

If you see a product you love, but not in your color, please send me an email.  I will do my best to find you the right bling in just the right color!

I hope you like my items, I hope you love my booth… but most importantly, I hope you feel beautiful no matter what kind of ride you have.