About Show Girl Glam

SHOW GIRL GLAM made its debut in 2015 with one very bold mission: help every rider, in every ring, find her sparkle, shape her bun and send her in with perfectly toned lip gloss.  We live for blue ribbon rides.  We inspire copasetic color coordination.  We love big beautiful buns.  Why? Because anything is possible with the right attitude, a big smile and a little GLITZ, GLAMOUR and BLING.

At SHOW GIRL GLAM, when it comes to bling, we believe if it feels good, do it, and if it looks good, do it in every color it comes in.  And when it comes to your ride, remember, focus on what you can control; life isn't perfect, but your bun and makeup can be.

Pictured: US National Top Ten in HA/AA Park AAOTR, Emma and FSF Air Dancer+